Spiky Dinosaur Backpack


What better way to look like a real Cretaceous reptile than our spiky dinosaur backpack. A bag that will please all the little adventurers.

  • Bag made of high-quality polyester
  • featuring a funny and elegant dinosaur design
  • Great for kids
  • High quality and detail
  • Everyone will enjoy it
  • 3D digital printing in HD

A spiky dinosaur bag

Our spiky dinosaur backpack is perfect for even the toughest of little adventurers. If you’re looking for a present that’s both fun and cuddly then this is it. The perfect gift for children who love dinosaurs and certainly the best way to show your love of the Mesozoic era.

This backpack will turn your child into a true explorer of the Super Continent of Pangea. The spikes on this bag will protect him from the most ferocious Jurassic predators like the Stegosaurus did 100 million years ago, but beware of the T Rex that can eat you alive!

This bag contains a large central compartment that can carry a multitude of items your child needs for a day at school for example.

We also offer a custom dinosaur backpack with super realistic cold-blooded reptile designs! Children and adults who like dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era will find a wide selection of dinosaur backpacks here. Our collection of Jurassic-inspired items allows you to decorate your whole house with dinosaur accessories!


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Spiky Dinosaur Backpack
Spiky Dinosaur Backpack