Plesiosaurus Figure

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The marine terror of the Mesozoic era also has its figurine on our online store! Discover this magnificent Plesiosaurus figure, one of the most dangerous marine reptile of the Cretaceous. Nothing can escape him when he goes on the hunt, especially defenseless fish! This vertebrate that lived near the European continent was the size of an 8-story building!

  • An educational toy to discover the Mesozoic
  • High level of details
  • 8x5in – 20x12cm
  • Perfect for children over 3 years old

A plesiosaurus figurine

Looking for a prehistoric marine reptile to add to your collection? Then check out our amazing Plesiosaurus figure! This fascinating creature was one of the most dangerous predators of the Cretaceous era, and could grow up to an impressive 8 stories tall!
This replica figure is expertly crafted and painted to capture all the detail of the real thing. It makes a great gift for any dinosaur enthusiast, and is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. So don’t delay, order your Plesiosaurus figure today!

You would not have liked to cross the path of this long-necked fish-eating vertebrate reptile. Indeed, its size is as impressive as its swimming technique. It is one of the top marine dino in the Cretaceous food chain. The Plesiosaurus attacks its game with a static hunting process first practiced in the estuaries before moving into the oceans!

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Plesiosaurus Figure
Plesiosaurus Figure