T Rex Piggy Bank


T Rex Piggy Bank
T Rex Piggy Bank



Would you like to teach your child the importance of saving money in a fun way? A T Rex piggy bank is the perfect way to do it! A great decoration item for kids and a good way to teach them about managing their money thanks to its funny design inspired by a tyrannosaurus with orange pikes.

Dinosaur money box
✔ Material: plastic
✔ Coin collecting stopper
✔ Ideal for saving pocket money
✔ Size: 16.5x21cm – 6.5×8.2in

A T Rex moneybox

Fun and functional, the dinosaur piggy bank is perfect for creating the first savings for Mesozoic reptile enthusiasts.

Save money and have a laugh! From the moment you first see it, you know the T Rex Piggy Bank is going to be a smashing success. The perfect gift for children and adults of all ages, this eye-catching bank will have anyone who sees it grinning from ear to ear. Open their eyes to the fun of savings with this funny and intelligent money box!

Our tyrannosaurus rex piggy bank will capture the attention of any child who loves the magnificent and ferocious predator with its long claws and small forelegs! Dinosaur piggy banks are available in our online store, each of which is inspired by the era of the great extinct reptiles that roamed our planet over 60 million years ago. Our dinosaur accessories are a great way to personalize your everyday objects or to make a wonderful gift for your child who loves dinosaurs and the natural history of our planet.

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