Unstoppable Dinosaur T Shirt



The unstoppable dinosaur T shirt is a unique and original model featuring the ferocious T Rex with a cute design. An ideal product for the young passionate persons of the Jurassic.

  • Produced from eco-friendly spandex
  • Short sleeve Tee-shirt
  • Unique and original pattern
  • 3D HD design: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra soft fabric
  • Anti-transpiration: quick drying

Show your Cretaceous spirit with our adorable unstopable dinosaur t shirt. This little piece of Triassic-themed apparel is made of 100% spandex, and a perfect gift for Jurassic Park enthusiasts!

You’ll look just like no one else with our Tyrannosaurus Rex t-shirt with long claws ripping through your chest. Your enemies are warned, you are fierce and fast like this carnivorous predator that ruled the super continent of Pangea!

A T shirt on the theme of the Jurassic as this one, you will not find every day with such a beautiful realism.

Herbivorous reptiles and their impressive anatomy are in the spotlight with our triceratops T Shirt. There are dinosaur T-shirts with unique designs inspired by reptiles that once roamed our planet over 66 million years ago. Dinosaur clothes that fit your style will delight you, as well as keep you looking Jurassic 100% of the time.


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Unstoppable Dinosaur T Shirt
Unstoppable Dinosaur T Shirt
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