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dinosaur beddings
Find an original range of dinosaur beddings for children and adults. A collection of high quality bedding, idyllic for a Mesozoic enthusiast.
Bigger fans will also enjoy celebrating a new year with dinosaur birthday decorations. Check out the different styles and find the ones that fit you best!

9 Benefits of using dinosaur bedding

If you've been satisfied with a coverless comforter set until now, it's time to embrace the affordable luxury of dinosaur bedding. This is a fabric case, into which you can insert your comforter, then zipper or button it shut. It's a simple way to add some style to your child's room, with a Jurassic theme.
Beddings are versatile, both in terms of fabric and appearance. Customize your little one's bed to his or her preference and season with dozens of dinosaur designs!

1. Easily wash your sheets

Comforters are very difficult to wash, that's a fact. They're bulky, large, and most of the time they barely fit in the washing machine. For some comforters, you even have to dry clean them, which can be a real hassle in the log run if you have several children.
Make your washing easier with comforter covers: they easily encase the comforters and can be thrown in the washer with your sheets. The ease of cleaning duvet covers will encourage you to clean them regularly, not just when you have visitors.

2. Change your bed linen easily

If you like to have variety, dinosaur beddings are for you. You can easily change your duvet cover whenever you want to change the mood of a room. The choice of patterns, colors and textures is endless and you will always find something interesting. Your child loved T-Rexes and now all he talks about is Triceratops? Nothing could be easier, choose a ceratopsian design.

Our bedding is available in many sizes: you have a single bed? Then get 68x86". For a small double bed, we recommend the 79x90" size. And for the more spoiled, the 90x90" or even 90x102" size.

This is the advantage of the cover duvet. Because if you get tired of your printed duvet, you won't be able to change it, unless you want to invest in a new set.

3. Put the dino in the closet with ease

A comforter cover folds as easily as a set of sheets. So it's easy to store it in a closet or cupboard between uses. This allows you to have several spare covers that take up much less space than a single extra duvet. The latter would be far too bulky to store easily.

4. Choose a seasonally appropriate fabric

Comforter covers are also very versatile in terms of fabric. You can change the temperature under your child'sduvet by simply choosing the right fabric. There are many options such as the dinosaur comforter cover in cotton (100% cotton) or multi-fiber. They allow you to keep your little one more or less warm depending on the temperature.

This also means that you can change his comforter cover at the beginning of each season. This way, keep his bed cool during the summer months and cozy during the dark days of winter, when all he'll want to do is stay in bed with a good story.

5. Keep a bed clean and comfortable

Comforter covers have the often overlooked benefit of keeping your bed and comforter clean from dirt. Down quilts often have annoying feathers that end up showing through the fabric over time. The cover helps protect your child's skin from itchy feathers, while keeping your bed clean.

6. Comforter covers are durable

Buying a quilt is an investment. They don't come cheap, and that's for a good reason: quality comforters can last you a very long time if you take care of them. That means using a great comforter cover to protect it from dirt, bacteria and stains. These fabric covers are more affordable and can be replaced after a few years, which helps protect your comforter over time.

It's also much better for the planet! Making a quilt requires a lot of resources. Its large volume contributes greatly to the emission of greenhouse gases during transportation. The cover, on the other hand, is not very voluminous and resists better to washings.

7. Enjoy its versatility

Splicovers are great for covering comforters, but they also have a surprising advantage: during the hot summer months, you can use the cover simply as a thin blanket. It will help your child stay comfortable while sleeping by wicking away perspiration, but also by covering them up in case the temperature drops during the night.

8. Choose an inexpensive accessory

We've mentioned it once or twice before, but comforter covers are incredibly affordable. A complete cover can cost anywhere from 40 to 140 euros, depending on your taste and that of your little one. So it's easy to justify buying multiple sets. Print comforters are much more expensive and are not nearly as durable and long-lasting.

9. Make the best choice

This type of sheet is great for giving beds a hotel-like look, while still catering to your little one's tastes. Take a tour of the three major dinosaur periods, from the Triassic to the Cretaceous to the Jurassic. Your child will be thrilled to see their favorite reptiles parade across their cozy nest.

Making your bed becomes easy: just inflate the cover and it's done! Most people don't even use a bedspread with the comforters, as they are comfortable and warm enough that you don't need anything else.

if you want your child's room to look 100% dinosaur, check out our collection of dinosaur pillows and make him happy !