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Large Wooden 3D Dinosaur Puzzle

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Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids


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Large Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle


Dinosaur 3D Puzzle


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Discover ou dinosaur puzzles, a fun and educational toy

Psychological benefits of puzzling for children:

Puzzles are a good game for developing multiple cognitive skills. We explain some of the psychological benefits of puzzles for children.

It is important to note that children throughout the world love playing games regardless of their cultural background. In this regard, it is worth noting that there are a wide variety of games that help to stimulate and enrich children's minds, such as jigsaw-puzzles or brainteasers.   In the following post, we will discuss how puzzles benefit children psychologically.
For that reason,, we need to evaluate the relevance of play in children's daily lives. Through these activities, they learn many things in a playful and fun way.

The important role of playing for kids

Children benefit cognitively, physicallysociallyand emotionally from play. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics as for example stated that playing is crucial in the development of children. There are several reasons for this:
  1. It enables the development of a healthy, balanced brain.
  2. The interaction with their environment but also with other people is facilitated.
  3. It allows the learning of basic competencies and abilities.
  4. Playing with children and participating in the activities improves the relationship with the parents.
  5. Promotes the development of social values and norms

Puzzles provide children with psychological benefits

Children can start doing puzzles and brainteasers at a very young age. In fact, today there are many activities that are categorized acording to ages.
Doing this activity early in life has diverse physical and psychological benefits. Children get more confident playif with their hands and improves their brain  coodination. But they also have to develop various cognitive skills until they reach the final challenge of the activity and they achieve their puzzling game correctly.

5 mental benefits of jigsaw puzzles for kids.

1. Puzzles enhance attention and memory skills

As children must pay attention to pictures and remember where each piece needs to go to complete the puzzle, they enhance their concentration skills and visual memory.  .
This practice allows children to observe and learn about the world around them, as well as develop their skills of retaining and organizing information. Moreoverit trains their attention and memory, which are vital for learning to come.

2. They strengthen their logical capacity

 When children solve puzzles, their logical ability and ingenuity are developed. When they solve problems, their analytical skills are developed.
Puzzling needs to acquire logical knowledge to reason, but also to follow a strategy to solve it. This ability is beneficial for mastering science, technology and mathematics but also other problem-solving games like chess.

3. They promote visual and spatial intelligence

Visual and spatial intelligence are stimulated by puzzles. The ability to visualize space and images is a key part of visConsequently, children acquire a 3-D sense of objects. three dimensions. In this way, they develop an increased awareness of mental shapes and figures.


4. They help building self-esteem

Puzzling involves overcoming a complex problem. Therefore, when kids achieve the goal of reconstructing a picture from several pieces, they have a feeling of satisfaction and they are proud of their work. Thus, their self-esteem is promoted by knowing that they can achieve the proposed challenges.


5. It reinforces the tolerance to frustration

Jigsaw puzzles may also be useful for encouraging frustration tolerance in addition to the above. As such, children are likely to encounter problems and difficulties as they progress through the activity.
To finish the construction, they must overcome these moments of frustration. The result is that children learn to control their impulses and to think before they act.

Dinosaurs puzzles are the perfect way to improve problem solvings skills but also to learn about the history of our planet.

Dinosaurs are one of the oldest animal species, but they are still the talk of the town today. Does your little boy love stories about dinos or does he regularly play with figures? Find them in puzzles! Near caves or hunting, many representations trace the life of dinosaurs and illustrate the many different species that once existed. From 2 to more than 500 pieces, discover evolving puzzles to make him progress at his own pace. Little by little, assembling the pieces will become child's play!
Dinosaurs are of great interest to the public. Skeleton reconstructions in museums and amusement parks around the world attract and excite crowds to the point of making them the main characters in successful books and movies such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World and Ice Age. The curiosity of children is not ready to fade away, the regular discoveries made by researchers maintain a certain fascination for these animals. In your own way, reconstruct the prehistoric world with our selection of dinosaur puzzles!
Dinosaur Universe offers a wild selection of different dinosaur toys and puzzles. Is your kid a dino fan? In our store he will be able to find large reptile puzzles that will keep him focused and passionate about the Jurrasic era. Find a wide range of dinosaur puzzles on the theme of Jurassic and Mesozoic animals. A dino puzzle helps young children learn more about these reptiles from another time through this type of creative and imaginative play.