Tyrannosaurus Puzzle 3D


Dive into the heart of the Mezoic era with this 3D wooden puzzle of the largest predator of prehistoric times! This tyrannosaurus with sharp fangs will leave no child indifferent! An educational toy by Dinosaur Universe.

  • A 3d toy with an educational approach
  • The perfect gift for budding paleontologists
  • Made of strong and durable wood
  • 12x4in – 30x11cm
  • For children over 6 years old

A tyrannosaurus 3D jigsaw

Looking for a puzzle that’s sure to be a challenge? Tyrannosaurus Puzzle 3D is perfect for you! This 3D wooden puzzle of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex is not for the faint of heart! With sharp fangs and an imposing stature, this dinosaur is sure to leave any child feeling awe and excitement. Not only is it a fun puzzle to put together, but it’s also educational! Learn all about the largest predator of prehistoric times with Dinosaur Universe’s Tyrannosaurus Puzzle 3D.

This puzzle represents a simple and educational approach for your child to discover the fabulous and ferocious reptiles of the Jurassic era. The T-Rex with its two small front legs is the symbol of this fascinating era. Complete this dinosaur jigsaw and add it to your collection. Your child will love its skeleton look and its long claws. Don’t wait any longer, the dinosaur extinction is coming!

If your child is a dinosaur aficionado we invite you to discover our puzzles dinosaurs. All of our dinosaur puzzles are carefully crafted like the rest of our dinosaur toys so you can educate your child about this wonderful world while having fun.


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Tyrannosaurus Puzzle 3D