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Girl PlayinG With Dinosaur Toys

How educational dinosaur toys can stimulate your child?

1.Toys games are a good way to increase imaginativeness and  inventiveness.

Playing paleontologist allows your children to discover a whole new era that once existed on our planet Earth millions of years ago. The wide variety of dinosaur species that walked our land during the Jurassic era is a great way to develop your child's imagination. Indeed, between the fearsome Tyrannosaurus and the friendliest Diplodocus, the imagination of your toddler is transported. By discovering these beautiful and fascinating creatures the limits of your children's creativity are pushed forward and their focusing skills are greatly improved as well.

2. Toys game are the best way to enhance the intelligence quotient and their emotional intelligence as well.

In this age of smartphones and tablets, encouraging children to play with more traditional toys such as figurines or puzzles is a very good way to develop their intellectual and social integration skills which are sometimes put aside in our digital age. Your child will naturally create role-playing games with his toys representing the primitive age and discover many land species that he did not know existed. These educational toys will promote their muscle and brain coordination, their memory and allow them to test their IQ. For example, shape sorters toys like puzzles and other imaginative plays, are a grat way to improve their problem solving abilities in a natural way which is often neglected today.

3. Better and greater focusing skills by playing with puzzles and figurines.

Playing with toys like puzzles or figures, your child learns how to greatly concentrate on long-term tasks. Effectively, puzzles enhances problem solving capacities. Moreover, letting your toddler plays with toys with the effigy of large extinct reptiles will enrich your child's culture and his ability to immerse himself in a creative universe for long hours, which is very beneficial for his brain.

When your child imagines recreating scenes of combat between large carnivorous from the Cretaceous, he or she will enter a state of deep concentration similar to that experienced during long school exams for example. This is exactly the same with puzzles, which help and stimulate the same problem-solving area of the brain that is used when solving math problems in school.
These are all good reasons to encourage your child to play with traditional toys like in their parents' day!

4. entertainment articles will help your child to improve its motricity skills development but also the coordination of its optical organs.

Educational dinosaur toys promote the evolution of sensory skills and motor skills of very young persons that are still in the development stage of their human growth.

Moreover, If your child plays the aspiring paleontologist with its friends, he will for sure hone his communication skills as a result of this activity.

5. Improve the ability to solve problems and raise IQ

Children enhance their IQ level by learning how to retain information, develop their coordination, and learn new words. Jurassic-themed learning games help children stimulate their minds. When a child tries to stack his dinosaur figures but fails to balance them, the figures fall as a result. Another example is puzzle play where the child has to focus all of his attention and energy on solving the puzzles.

A game involving prehistoric animals for 3 years old kids that promotes its imagination and its mental development.

There is an impressive variety of dinosaur toys. Children enjoy studying dinosaurs like real paleontologists and archelogists and playing games that mimic the behaviors of these fascinatingand fearsome creatures.

These toys can be behavioral or developmental in nature, but they can also take the form of a book. They appeal to children's imaginations at a crucial time in their lives, when they are discovering who they are but also understanding the world they live in and its earliest history.
In addition to educational factors, there are other reasons why dinosaur toys for kids are so popular. Little ones are naturally fascinated by these prehistoric creatures, and giving them a learning game that revolves around this world will be ideal for them.
In this sense, you can opt for a dinosaur fossil digging archaeology game to teach them how to delicately handle the tools, or a puzzle to exercise their thinking and memory on a daily basis.
Studies also show that young children like to dress up and name their toys. They are inclined to play a role, for example, imagining themselves as the Tyrannosaurus-rex or the master of the dreaded long-clawed creature. Costumes and puppets will be an interesting way to teach a young child to communicate with other children but also to become creative.
If you have a child who is a Jurassic and Triassic fan, then buying them a dinosaur figurine will be a great gift idea to make them happy! No matter what age your little one is, you can opt for classic figurines as well as educational games.

How to find the best 4 years old dinosaur doll?

There can be many elements that distinguish a good reptile toy from a bad one. Therefore, it should be appropriately sized for the child's hand so that they can handle it with ease and safely.
The puppet should also have a soft and pleasant texture, while being easy to wash. Finally, the product description is an important element because it tells you if the product is appropriate for the age of your child.
Anyway, the best dinosaur toy is the one that favors the child's development while ensuring his safety. So you'll need to be careful if your little one is still in kindergarten.

Buying a Jurassic reptile plaything: The best present idea for your loved one!

You can purchase a dinosaur themed game and toy from our Dinosaur Universe sore. Whichever option you choose, you can find a wide variety of different items to choose from, with good quality materials for your kid in preschool or elementary school.
Looking for a great, original and trendy gift idea to give to a loved one or child who is a fan of these majestic prehistoric creatures that walked our earth over 66 million years ago? Then you are at the right place! Discover our magnificent collection of ancestor animal toys and games that will be perfect for your little one!

Do you prefer Diplodocus or Tyrannosaurus ?

Dinosaur Universe loves them all! Your child will not have to choose his camp, on our online store with offer a very large variety of different toys, figures or puzzles.

You will find toys with long claws and fangs!

Our store covers a wide range of different dinosaur specimens so that all Jurassic fans can find their favorite prehistoric reptile. We propose flying dinosaurs like the pterodactyls as well as terrestrial dinosaurs like the diplodus and marine dinosaurs like the plesiosaurs. Your child will only have to choose his species and his prehistoric period to play and have fun alone or with his friends by doing role-playing games for example.

Discovers our toys from the Triassic, Jurrasic and Cretaceous periods.

The air of the dinosaurs extended for almost 200 million years from 250 million years before Christ until 66 million years before Christ. This extremely long period of existence of its reptilian fearsome offers us an immense diversity of of possibilities of games to recreate today so that your children can have fun and learn in a playful way about the history of our planet and thus, enrich their general cultures and sometimes even create professional vocations such as archaeologist or paleontologist.

This variety of eras and specimens have allowed us to create dozens of different games all as useful and fun as each other for your children. For example,  with our dinosaur puzzles which will be an ideal ally for your child to work his problem solving skills while having fun and discovering species of dinosaurs that he would never have suspected the existence!

If your kid is more interested in recreating dinosaur fight scenes and has a vivid imagination, our dinosaur figures collection is perfect for him!

Among the figures, your child will be able to find all the most ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs that have walked our Earth, such as the Tyrannosaurus-Rex for example, or the smaller but no less fearsome Velociraptor. If he prefers herbivorous dinosaurs such as Diplodocus or Triceratops, he or she will also find his happiness easily on Dinosaur Universe. Collect these figurines and make your child a true expert of these reptilians with the most powerful jaws and horns that our planet has ever known! Let your children's imagination run wild with these different toys that will impress their classmates! In addition, you can also opt for more educational games that require dexterity and patience with our section of prehistoric skulls to dig up thanks to our paleontologist kit that your child will have to carefully manipulate in order to discover the magnificent historical treasure they contain. It is up to you to choose the toy that best suits the character and temperament of your child to be sure to please him by making him an exceptional and unforgettable gift that will allow him to learn while having fun.

A trinket store of all sizes at all prices and for all ages.

Our store focuses on offering toys of all sizes and for all budgets to give all children the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of learning through play. You will find small toys that can be handled safely by your child as well as oversized figures with a high level of detail to best reproduce the characteristics of the child. Moreover, the quality of our products also allows adults who love collection to be able to find what they are looking for as the level of realism of our products is high.