Accurate Dinosaur Figures


If you dream of an assortment of all the most beautiful species of cold-blooded reptiles that lived on the supercontinent, then our accurate dinosaur figures will definitely please you!

  • A perfect gift for a dinosaur enthusiast
  • Made of durable plastic
  • A toy to introduce to the prehistoric fauna
  • The recommended age for children is over 3 years old.
  • 14 dinosaur figurines
  • Ideal for creating interaction between parents and children
  • Hand painted dinosaurs
  • Discovery of the Mesozoic world

Accurate dinosaur figurines

Our set of accurate dinosaur figures includes all the most beautiful specimens of prehistoric land and marine lizards discovered by paleontologists to this day. You’ll find the Diplodocus, the carnotaurus with its tiny front legs, the mosasaurus, the Pachycephalosaurus with its ram-shaped skull or the ferocious raptor! Don’t compromise and adopt them all! It’s the perfect way to expand your collection as a fossil hunter enthusiast.
If you want to feel the thrill of the adventurer in search of impressive dinosaur skeletons, discover our devil dinosaur action figure. There is a large collection of dinosaur figures that are similar to many primitive creatures that once inhabited our planet but were wiped out by a meteorite. Children’s fascination with dinosaurs is satisfied with our timeless gift items as well as high-quality dinosaur toys.


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Accurate Dinosaur Figures
Accurate Dinosaur Figures