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Are you or your child a fan of the magnificient creatures of the Jurassic period and natural history in general? Are you seeking countless items that relate to this hobby? Explore our collection of dinosaur decorations, clothes and jewelry to let this wonderful era follow you every day of your life! 

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Dinosaur Pajamas

Spend the night in the wonderful world of Cretaceous predators wearing our beautiful dinosaur pajamas. This collection was designed for all the children who wish to have a sleeping outfit that is out of the ordinary and has the colors of their favorite cartoons and movies.

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Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaur Figures

Discover our superb collection of high quality dinosaur figurines perfect for a child dinosaur enthusiast, but also for adults who love collecting! Find all the most beautiful species that walked on the earth more than 66 million years ago.

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Dinosaur Universe is an online dinosaur shop created by dinosaur enthusiasts. Are you like us or your children fascinated by the many mysteries surrounding the dinosaurs that populated the earth more than 66 million years ago?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Dinosaur Universe offers a wide selection of products related to the world of primtive reptiles!

Products include :

  • Dinosaur toys
  • Dinosaur jewelry
  • Dinosaur clothes
  • Dinosaur pajamas
  • Dinosaur slippers

If you like dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus, the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus, or other dinosaurs, this is THE place to be.

You will find everything you need in our collections, whether you are looking for a product for you or simply a gift for your little palaeontologist in the making.

You’ll find quality products on the theme of “DINOSAURS” (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Costumes, Accessories…) Make sure to check back often for new products, we’re constantly updating them!

Whether you’re a fan of long-necked dinosaurs like the Diplodocus, herbivorous dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus, or flying dinosaurs like the Pteranodon, you’ll find all the products derived from these majestic creatures here! Is your preferred dinosaur a carnivorous one such as a T Rex or Spinosaurus? Are you a fan of marine dinosaurs such as the Plesiosaurus? Are you a fan of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies as well? You’ll love our prehistoric world!

Regardless of where you live, we offer worldwide delivery to your door. Our team will handle everything else once you make your choice. Just click on any product and it’s yours!

Our store has dinosaur backpacks and schoolbags for kids in elementary school and kindergarten. We additionally offer different designs and colors of binders for kids. Additionally, you can buy 3D dinosaur schoolbags with arms, crests, and tails! You can find all kinds of derivative products inspired by theropods that inhabited the supercontinent on our site!

Organizing your kid’s birthday or decorating his room is also easy with Dinosaur Universe!

Just visit our blog and you’ll find all the information you need. Among its many articles, there are several that explain more about these mysterious creatures of the Mesozoic / Jurassic.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or elementary school, you will find a wide variety of dinosaur plush and toys in our Dinosaur Universe store. We provide dinosaur figures, archaeology and excavation games, puzzles, puppets, costumes, birthday party accessories, pictures, posters, night lights, lamps and many other dinosaur decorations for children’s rooms!

Are there any questions you would like to ask? We would be glad to answer them. Whenever possible, we work closely with our customers and will be glad to assist you in finding the right references, obtaining a tracking number or providing you with more information about your order. Write to us at: [email protected]

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