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The Triceratops dinosaur slippers feature the famous reptile with three characteristic horns, a feature that Cretaceous reptile enthusiasts will appreciate. What a wonderful way to surprise someone with a timeless gift!

Funny dinosaur slippers
✔ Upper: polyester
✔ Lining: polyester
✔ Outsole: synthetic
✔ Stitched patterns
✔ Ideal for cold weather

Booties representing the cutest herbivorous dinosaur in history!

Stylish and warm, this pair of slippers is perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs and enjoys warm feet in winter. They are made up of a complete structure of a real Triceratops and look like real ones. They are cream colored with an earthy brownish hue.

Wool is used on the inside of the Triceratops Slippers to keep the feet warm all day, and velvet is used on the outside. Cream is the color of the horns of the Triceratops. The face of the dinosaur is displayed on the slippers.

Who doesn’t fall for the friendly look of the Triceratops. No doubt you’d rather meet this dinosaur than a hungry Spinosaurus or Stegosaurus!

Furthermore, there is a shield-like structure located just behind the head which gives the Triceratops Slippers an even cooler appearance. To match the color of the slippers, the dinosaur’s eyes are brown.

We have cute dinosaur slippers that you’ll love if you like this style of shoes. We have a great collection of dinosaur slippers for your little ones to dress up their little feet. You may also be interested in our dinosaur clothes collection.


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Triceratops Slippers Realistic
Triceratops Slippers
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