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As humans, we have always worn jewelry as an extension of ourselves. It shows who we are and what we are passionate about.

Our dinosaur necklaces are charming and our the best way to show your passion for these exctintcs reptiles

However, how can you choose the most appropriate dinosaur pendant for you?

What are the advantages of silver dinosaur chokers?

Whether for their beauty, elegance, fineness, softness, or simply because they are symbolic. In any case, Dinosaur Pendants offer breathtaking designs that let you show off your true self. Several of them feature Jurassic or dino-related components (eye, paws, head, etc.). These can be paired with a variety of styles and fits into a wide range of looks (sleek, glamorous, casual, understated, trendy, fun, etc.).

The message these dinosaur necklaces convey is what makes them special. With designs that are as beautiful and simple as possible, Dinosaur Universe offers designs that speak volumes about your intentions. What could be more charming than a pendant that shows off your heart while showing off something as cute as a Diplodocus?

What should you look for when picking out your dinosaur pendant?

Choosing pendants that look like you and match the use you want them for is important because necklaces should be a reflection of your personality and speak for you. You should consider the following criteria.

The size:

It is important to consider this criterion since the size of the reptile pendants can vary depending upon the chain. A choker or necklace should have the smallest, most discreet ones. A long necklace looks great with larger ones.

The material:

Pendants featuring dinosaurs, due to their originality, can be found in a variety of materials (platinum, silver,gold, stainless steel, etc.). Various precious stones may even be incorporated (amethyst, opal, zircon, crystal, topaz, lapiz). With a touch of stones or diamonds, gold and sterling silver are usually the most commonly used materials.

The pattern:

The pendant is made by its pattern. Mesozoic necklaces rely on their motifs to explain their fan relationship with their favorite prehistoric lizard, or simply to tell his story through his fascination. In the collection there are pendants that tell wonderful stories, including 'Jurassic Park' and 'King Kong'.

Patterns also determine the style to be adopted. The Dinosaur Universe jewelry Collection offers stunning and elegant dino Pendants, but there are also subtly refined pendants that can go with you anywhere. Furthermore, pattern also reveals your personality or shows who you are.

The color:

People choosing designs that have gemstones should pay attention to the color of the gems. Each color tells a different story. Color selection is important, but you should also consider choosing a hue that brings out the charm of your pendant.

Here are three tips for choosing a beautiful dinosaur collar

Using the following guidelines, you should be able to easily find an original creation that meets your desire and meets your expectations.

Pick a necklace that is stylish and discreet

We advice you to choose an elegant, sleek and charming design. In addition to being relatively discrete, it should be able to highlight your figure and garner the attention of the person in front of you without being too voluminous.

You should be mindful of the necklace's length

It is crucial that your necklace is the right size for visibility and comfort. A collar's length will vary depending on your neck size and silhouette, so your body type will be a factor.

Select quality jewelry materials for your necklace

Ultimately, it is based on your budget. Don't hold back on treating yourself. There are so many different materials available for dinosaur collars and pendants. The more sophisticated models are often embellished with precious stones and gold.

Care and Cleaning of Silver Dinosaur chains

It's easy to take care of your silver dinosaur necklaces. We offer a range of silver reptile pendants in our Dinosaur Universe collection. After each use, wipe the surface with micellar water to keep it clean and prevent oxidation. Alternately, you can clean them periodically with lemon, white vinegar, baking soda. Do not wear the pendant while you are bathing. Your dinosaur pendant should be kept away from other jewelry in a personal jewelry box. By doing so, scratches will be prevented.

How to order a dinosaur pendant

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