T Rex Tooth Necklace


Discover our most accurate representation of a fang of the most famous predator of the Jurassic era, our T rex tooth necklace!

This beautiful resin pendant will thrill your friends and family with its realism. No more doubt that this reptile was the king of the jungle!

  • Color: white
  • Material : resin
  • High quality details
  • Realisitc

T Rex tooth pendant

The fangs of the Tyrannosaurus could pierce the flesh of its prey very easily and we understand much better why by seeing this jewel. This ability to deliver fatal blows to its victims made it the apex predator of the late Cretaceous. Very few dinosaurs could rival this creature at the top of the Mesozoic food chain. So don’t wait a second and wear this magnificent collar around your neck to feel the ferocity of this unparalleled hunter.
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T Rex Tooth Necklace
T Rex Tooth Necklace