Dinosaur Designs Necklace


Add a wild and Jurassic touch to your style with this beautiful dinosaur designs necklace. This sumptuous pendant featuring a hunting Tyrannosaurus rex with a small heart in its center is simply the perfect accessory for lovers of primitive reptiles.

  • Color: silver
  • Material : 316L stainless steel
  • Remains shiny
  • Does not blacken in contact with water
  • No risk of allergy

A dinosaur designs pendant

No chance that you will go unnoticed with this necklace with a totally atypical and original design that will perfectly match your interest in the fauna that inhabited our planet 66 million years ago. Its simplicity and elegant shape make it a real jewel for dinosaur lovers or for people looking for a unique and personalized accessory. It will also make an ideal gift to offer to someone you hold dear in your heart.
Not to be missed under any circumstances!
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Dinosaur Designs Necklace
Dinosaur Designs Necklace