Pterodactyl Necklace


Do you like flying dinosaurs and elegant and refined jewelry? If so, then you should try this pterodactyl necklace! A gold and origami shaped pendant with infinite charm will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit!

  • Pendant made of stainless steel with a golden finish
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials
  • A jewellery that won’t rust or corrode
  • A lovely piece of jewelry
  • perfect for any outfit
  • Each package is carefully packed before delivery

A pterodactyl pendant

With its gold steel Pterodactyl pendant, this necklace will be your favorite! You can look forward to a day filled with class and cuteness thanks to this magnificent flying creature! A dinosaur fan or child who is fascinated by natural history and prehistoric reptiles will find this as a fantastic gift!

You will fall in love with our T Rex necklace if you like the apex predator with long fangs the most famous of the Cretaceous and the hero of many movies such as Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. This necklace should be in your jewelry box! We have a complete collection of dinosaur necklaces in our gallery for you to choose from if you want a totally wild look that reflects your love for dinosaurs. Discover our entire collection of dinosaur jewelry if you want to emphasize yourself even further with your outfits and add an original touch.


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Pterodactyl Necklace
Pterodactyl Necklace