Mosasaurus Figure


Mosasaurus was the terror of the Jurassic seabed. It was almost 3 times the size of a great white shark and its teeth were sharp as knives. Any mammal swimming in the ocean could be snatched up by this giant of the seas. This mosasaurus figure represents in detail the ferocity of this monster.

  • Is part of the marine predator collection
  • Created from polyethylene, the highest quality plastic
  • hand painted dinosaur
  • 14x13in – 35x13cm

A realistic Mosasaurus figurine

Looking for a break from the mundane? Check out the mosasaurus figure from the marine predator collection. These figures are designed to represent the ferocity of some of the most dangerous animals in the sea. The mosasaurus figure is almost three times the size of a great white shark, with sharp teeth that can easily snatch up any mammal swimming in its territory. This figure is perfect for anyone who loves adventure and wants to add a little bit of excitement to their life.

This ultra realistic Mosasaurus figurine sent chills up your spine just like this marine dinosaur could do in his time. Nothing could resist his powerful jaw and he could swallow prey almost twice as big as him! It is one of the few symbols of the gigantic ferocity that reigned in the oceans of the Mesozoic.

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Mosasaurus Figurine
Mosasaurus Figure