Dilophosaurus Figure

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Discover thid dilophosaurus figure, one of Jurassic park. This reptile with an extravagant anatomy will delight the fans of Mesozoic. Beware, the Dilophosaurus that could reach the weight of a modern car it is a very dangerous predator!

  • Hand-painted figurine
  • Super realistic details
  • Articulated jaw
  • 7x5in – 18x12cm
  • High quality manufacturing material

A dilophosaurus figurine

Introducing the Dilophosaurus figure, one of the most ferocious and impressive creatures to ever roam the earth! This massive reptile was truly a force to be reckoned with, and now you can bring home your own prehistoric predator.
This detailed figure captures the Dilophosaurus in all its glory, from its tooth-filled maw to its scaly skin. Measuring over a foot long, this is one seriously impressive toy. But be warned – this Dilophosaurus is not for the faint of heart. It’s a real hunter, and will stop at nothing to get its prey.
This large crested lizard leaves absolutely nobody indifferent and even less its victims. It is also one of the oldest theropod dinosaurs to have been found to date. Its sharp claws like knives could cut its prey with ease. Known as one of the most famous scavengers, this figurine will be one of the highlights of your collection.It is the movie Jurassic World that will help to forge his legend as a fearsome hunter.
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4 reviews for Dilophosaurus Figure

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    Great little dinosaur. Has working mouth and fantastic quality. Very quick delivery.

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    really extraordinary and very good service of the salesman and the delivery was very fast, the figurines is really pretty and I strongly recommend this salesman and this product

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    Excellent product and arrived in good time.

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    This Dilophosaurus looks just like the description, thank you.

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Dilophosaurus Figurine
Dilophosaurus Figure