Articulated Dinosaur Figures



Does your boy love dinosaur figurines? Then he’ll love playing with these articulated dinosaur figures! He’ll love playing with these wonderful toys inspired by the great Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • A perfect gift for a dinosaur enthusiast
  • A set of different dinosaur species
  • Made of durable plastic
  • A toy to introduce to the prehistoric fauna
  • The recommended age for children is over 3 years old.

Articulated dinosaur figurines

If your boy loves dinosaurs, then he’ll love playing with these articulated dinosaur figures! These wonderful toys are inspired by the great Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they’re perfect for hours of fun. Your boy can pose and move the dinosaurs any way he likes, and they’re sure to provide hours of entertainment. Order now and let your boy have a blast with these amazing toys!

These little articulated dinosaurs are simply adorable with their small T rex size and their big piercing reptile eyes. You can hang them on anything like your hand or make a joke with your entourage by hanging them on your ears for example. This item is available in three different colors. Green, grey and brown. Make sure you choose the theropod you like best!

To discover even more about the incredible diversity of the Mesozoic fauna, we recommend our accurate dinosaur figures. We possess a large collection of dinosaur figures which are similar to many primitive reptiles that lived millions of years ago on our planet before the meteorite struck and wiped them out. We offer timeless gifts as well as high-quality dinosaur toys to satisfy children’s fascination with these animals.


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Articulated Dinosaur Figures
Articulated Dinosaur Figures
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