Velociraptor Figure


The fastest of the Jurassic reptiles is known as the Velociraptor. It hunts in packs and stalks its prey to the point of exhaustion before devouring them. Add this velociraptor figure to your collection of prehistoric wildlife enthusiasts.

  • A toy with an educational approach
  • Perfect to discover the Mesozoic fauna
  • Made of very high quality plastic
  • 7x5in – 17x11cm

A velociraptor figurine

The Velociraptor was one of the most feared predators of the Jurassic period. Now, you can add one of these fearsome creatures to your collection with this velociraptor figure.
This figure is highly detailed and accurate to the prehistoric reptile it portrays. The velociraptor is posed in a stalking position, ready to pounce on its next victim.
This figure is a great addition to any collection of prehistoric wildlife enthusiasts. It makes a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs or is interested in paleontology.

No animal could escape the Velociraptors. Its speed and hunting technique left absolutely no chance to other dinosaurs on its way. They attacked in groups and devoured their victims. There’s nothing scarier than a bunch of Velociraptors on your tail! The only way out for his game is fight or flight! An absolutely essential part of the carnivore collection.

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Velociraptor Figure
Velociraptor Figure