4D Dinosaur Puzzle


You’ll be astonished by this magical 4d dinosaur puzzle in the shape of a Pterodactyl. With this durable wooden toy you can create a real Cretaceous scene!

  • Develops problem-solving abilities
  • Enhances spatial awareness
  • Made of high quality wood
  • A great jigsaw puzzle for cooperation between children and parents
  • Number of pieces: 30 pieces

4D dinosaur jigsaw

This decorative puzzle is a great way to stimulate imagination and creativity. Not only does it offer self-boredom relief, but it also helps develop intelligence and reasoning skills. Dinosaurs have always been a favorite subject of curiosity for children. This puzzle has 30 pieces which are easy to assemble and to reassemble if you want to create a dinosaur scene worthy of Jurassic Park and its ferocious reptiles with long fangs! This wooden toy was designed to satisfy all your wildest cravings for a game but also for a unique decoration object.

Children and adults alike love this durable, wooden 4D puzzle. Pop out the pieces and reassemble them in a new configuration to reveal a flying dinosaur. This is one of our best-selling toys!

As there is no age to be passionate about the Jurassic world, we also offer an adult dinosaur puzzle! The dinosaur puzzles we have in our collection are perfect for those who love fearsome reptiles and rustic games. Dinosaur toys can be purchased online by kids and adults who are interested in these gigantic extinct creatures from the prehistoric period.


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4D Dinosaur Puzzle
4D Dinosaur Puzzle