Dinosaur Jewelry

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Dinosaur Jewelry

Discover our wild collection of dinosaur jewellery for passionate

Are you seeking nice accessories for your style? Do you want to give special trinkets to your loved ones? Here is your chance! Check out all of our dinosaur jewelry here!

We offer a very wild range of models to satisfy our custormers:

  • Dinosaur Rings
  • Dinosaur Earring
  • Dinosaur Necklaces
  • Dinosaur Bracelets
  • Dinosaur Watches

The dinosaur gem collection include rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, piercings, watches, keychains, and much more! Then you'll be able to look great while maintaining your unique style and staying on trend!

Dinosaur jewelry - an Introduction

Browse our complete collection of dinosaur jewelry for Jurassic enthusiats. If you're looking for Rings, Pendants, Earrings,  Bracelets or even watches... we constantly add new products to our store to maintain our position as the number one in the US!

The dinosaur Jewel makes your outfit more interesting and also shows a bit of your personality. This is why we offer you so many exctinct reptiles accessories to make sure you find the set that suits your style! The choice is yours!

There are many benefits to reptile jewels

Dino Jewels have always been a way for us to add a personal touch to our outfits and reveal a little bit of who we are. For example, a Diplodocus ring shows your interest for Jurassic, as well as the Megalodon bracelet which proves your fascination for marin species (let's face it, it not the cutest animal ever)!

The different types of reptiles ornaments

You will find a variety of prehistoric jewelry at Dinosaur Universe, so you can satisfy your demand and find the Jurassic jewelry you are looking for!

A silver grommet is a much bigger, flashier ring! And because silver rings are so heavy, they are a separate accessory from your outfit! Bright Gold Mesozoic Ring, for example, is the first accessory people will notice when you wear it since it stands out from the rest of your outfit. Intentions such as these for the dinosaur Rings are also applicable to our other dino Jewels, such as Pendants and Earrings!

Silver, gold and rose gold are the main colors used on our gems. The color code of their products makes them appear more luxurious and have a premium look. The fact that other colors of gemstones are sometimes found, such as blue lapis lazuli or green emerald, should not be overlooked. In addition to crystals and rubies, we will be introducing other colors!

All the jewelry will, of course, be adjustable too! The dinosaur rings we offer will fit your finger no matter how thick it is!

Our dinosaur Necklaces

You can choose from a variety of shapes and materials for your dinosaur necklace. There is something to suit every taste. A range of pendants are available, from the discreet pendant to the extravagant necklace!
316L stainless steel and 925 sterling silver are the materials we use in our dinosaur chains. Both are designed and engineered for long lasting durability.

Our Dinosaur Bracelets

Discover also dinosaur bracelets to your taste! Whether it's leather bracelets (and imitation leather!) or metal, our charms worn on your wrist will make your style even more unique!
Just like our steel or silver lizard rings, our Jurassic bracelets are totally adjustable in size! So no matter your body type, your wonderful jewel will fit you like a glove without bothering you!

Our Dinosaur Rings

Our dinosaur rings come in stainless steel and sterling silver to expand our range! We also offer lizard pendants in both stainless steel and sterling silver. If it is gold plated, white gold plated, or embellished with pearls or turquoise gems,... every Cretacean lover should have a dinosaur gasket on their finger!
You can customize the size and motif of our dino rings to remind you that you have a passion for these ferocious and fascinating creatures! The dinosaur marvel we offer will always have an original and unique look, whether it's minimalistic or flashy.

Our dinosaur earrings

You can also get sets of dinosaur earrings to complement your beautiful face while reflecting your love of reptiles!
Whether it's zirconium stainless steel, solid silver, or silver-plated zirconium stainless steel, you'll find your favorite pair here! You can embellish yourself in different ways using hooks or clips.

Interested in buying our jewelry?

It couldn't be simpler! Browse our marvel collection to find the accessory that appeals to you! Select your favorite jewel and add it to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button! Once you have chosen the products you wish to buy, you will be taken to the shopping cart page where the usual online shopping process will continue.
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Everything is optimized to make things easier for you and so that you don't waste a second looking for unnecessary manipulations.

How to take care of the Dinosaur Jewelry ?

The metals in trinkets, including silver, steel, and even those embellished with rhinestones, can oxidize over time. These conditions can be caused by sweat, cosmetics, or chemicals, as well as dust. In this article, we will explain to you two ways of making your jewel shine at its very best!
Solution 1: After your shower, soak your little lizard accessory occasionally in water at high temperature and soap. For jewels made of quartz, rhinestone, steel or silver, we recommend Aleppo or Marseille soap due to their natural ingredients and the absence of chemicals that could damage the jewel. Once the inside and outside of the jewel are clean, use a small brush to clean it easily, then rinse it and dry it with a microfiber cloth.
If you want to make your jewelry look as new as possible, but you don't plan to wear it, then Solution 2 is for you! Baking soda and water mixed in a glass are suitable for soaking dirty reptile jewelry. Removing the ornament from the glass, allow it to dry for a good hour and a half.
Whenever you are not using your dino jewelry (or giving it to your wife as a gift), keep it in small boxes (preferably with fabric inside). In order to avoid possible scratches, you should polish it once a year or every two years. Just be careful when it comes to 18 karat gold plated jewelry!