Dinosaur Backpack 3D


Fans of large monsters the size of buildings will be delighted to be able to store all their belongings in a bag as original as our dinosaur backpack 3D. With its green color and its practicality, it will be a real pleasure for your child to carry it anywhere, especially since it is very light and not very bulky!

  • High quality polyester bag
  • A funny and elegant dinosaur themed bag
  • Fashionable and elegant dinosaur bag for kids
  • Quality and detailed article
  • For children of all ages but also for adults

A 3D dinosaur bag

Looking for a backpack that’s big enough to store all your child’s favourite things? Look no further than our Dinosaur Backpack 3D! This fun and practical backpack is perfect for kids who love large monsters. The green colour is perfect for little ones who want to stand out from the crowd, and it’s also incredibly light and easy to carry. Plus, the 3D design is sure to be a hit with any dino-loving child. So why not let your child take their favourite things with them wherever they go with our Dinosaur Backpack 3D?

With its perfect size for all body types, its two solid straps and its incomparably cute look, this backpack is simply the fashion accessory that everyone wants! It offers the opportunity to carry with ease all the everyday items you need for your day, like a water bottle, your wallet or school stuff for kids. However, don’t take this bag lightly, its design is straight out of the Mesozoic era and will impress your friends and family!

If you are interested in paleontology, museums and dinosaur skeletons, discover our dinosaur fossil backpack that will please young and old alike. With our sumptuous collection of dinosaur backpack, you can find the accessory of your dreams! Our wide selection of dinosaur accessories can help you find the perfect Jurassic themed items for your home!


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Dinosaur 3d Backpack
Dinosaur Backpack 3D