Dinosaur Backpack Spinosaurus


Discover our spinosaurus backpack of the most ferocious carnivorous cold-blooded reptile of the Jurassic! A great fashion accessory!

  • High quality polyester bag
  • A funny and elegant dinosaur bag
  • Fashionable and elegant dinosaur bag for kids
  • Quality and detailed product
  • For children of all ages
  • 3D HD design: direct digital printing

A bag of the largest predator that lived 66 million years ago, the spinosaurus.

Our spinosaurus backpack is an excellent gift for budding paleontologists who want to carry their heavy load to school. With its soft yet durable material and the scientifically accurate design, this backpack is ideal for the environmentally conscious and dino-loving kids out there! The spinosaurus was probably one of the most fearsome predators of prehistoric times. Indeed, it was able to hunt on land but also in water since it was a great swimmer. Scientists even think that he was at the top of the food chain which made him a predator X of the Cretaceous. It’s an impressive reptile that’s sure to impress the kids, making this backpack a great birthday gift!

Do you know a Jurassic Park fan who’s always on the go and needs a backpack that can hold all of their gear? Our spinosaurus backpack is just the thing. It’s got plenty of space for textbooks, stuffed animals, and snacks. It has everything they need! You can see a spinosaurus gulping down its dinner on this dinosaur schoolbag. Fans of Mesozoic fauna will love this bag.

A bag that is also very practical

This bag is not only beautiful with its original design but is also very practical. It has a main compartment that can be closed with a zipper that will allow your child to use it as a school bag carrying all his notebooks and books. This bag is also equipped with two adjustable straps that allow it to fit all sizes. It will be very comfortable to wear! Moreover its material has been designed to make it as light as possible which is very practical for children. Your child will proudly wear this bag with this beautiful and terrifying carnivorous dinosaur on it.

We also have a bag from the most famous armored dinosaur in prehistory, our ankylosaurus backpack. Children and adults who like dinosaurs can choose from a wide variety of dinosaur backpacks on this website. Decorate the entire house with dinosaurs accessories with our Jurassic-inspired items!


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Spinosaurus Backpack
Dinosaur Backpack Spinosaurus