3D Dinosaur Bedding



“There’s an incomparable rush that comes from finding dinosaur bones.”- Jack Horner. The discovery of primitive reptile skeletons by paleontologists continues day by day. If you share this passion for Jurassic fauna our 3d dinosaur bedding will be a hit in your bedroom!

  • Dinosaur duvet cover and pilowcases:
  • 1 duvet cover
  • 2 pilowcases (1 pilowcase for the UK single size)
  • High definition printing
  • Soft and pleasant fabric
  • Microfiber bedding
  • Skin-friendly manufacturing process
  • Care instructions: machine wash at 30°C.

A set of dinosaur sheets in 3D

Our 3d dinosaur bedding is simply the most realistic large lizard bedding available. We have designed this decorative item especially to embellish the rooms of people who are passionate about this era and the history of life. What could be better than to fall asleep in the middle of a fight between the two strongest dinosaurs in the world, the spinosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex!

There is no age to be passionate about prehistoric creatures with long fangs and our adult dinosaur bedding proves it! Our online store features a wide variety of dinosaur bedding for both adults and kids who are passionate about dinosaurs from the Triassic period. This site has a large collection of dinosaur decorations that you can use to decorate your home to reflect a time over 66 million years ago when the Cenozoic started.


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3D Dinosaur Bedding
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