Velociraptor Bedding



Velociraptor bedding represents his full hunting mode with its unique comforter cover designs. Anyone who loves dinosaurs and the Jurassic period will enjoy this pattern. Raptors are fast – nothing can beat them!

  • Dinosaur duvet cover and pilowcases:
  • 1 duvet cover
  • 2 pilowcases (1 pilowcase for the single bedding sizes)
  • High definition printing
  • Soft and pleasant fabric
  • Microfiber bedding
  • Skin-friendly manufacturing process

Bed sheets representing a ferocious velociraptor!

Is there anything more dangerous than a ferocious herd of Velociraptors chasing their prey? Well, nothing. For all natural history enthusiasts, these dinosaur bed sheets will make a great addition to any bedroom. A perfect gift for any dinosaur fan!

You will have the best night’s sleep of your life protected by this magnificent raptor! These sheets are sure to please even the biggest dinosaur enthusiast in the world.

Looking for a way to make your bedroom feel like a prehistoric paradise? Look no further than our Velociraptor Bedding! This unique comforter cover design features everyone’s favorite dinosaur in all his hunting glory. Whether you’re a die-hard dino fan or just love the Jurassic period, you’ll adore this bedding set. And since Raptors are famous for being fast and ferocious, you can rest assured that this bedding will be both comfortable and stylish. So make your bedroom a prehistoric haven with our Velociraptor Bedding today!

Discover our Jurassic bedding, an exclusive piece from our dinosaur bedding collection, and let your passion for dinos shine through. For more dinosaur decorations, our store is the reference!


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Velociraptor Bedding
Velociraptor Bedding
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