Double Dinosaur Bracelet Pattern


You and your friend will be bonded for life with this dinosaur bracelet pattern. You’ll both go on adventures in Jurassic Park! A real work of art inspired by the gigantic lizards of prehistoric times.

  • Set of 2 friendship bracelets
  • The Jurassic era inspired the design of this dinosaur jewel
  • Made of 316L stainless steel that is waterproof and tarnish-free
  • Fits wrists of all sizes
  • Stylish and elegant
  • No form of discomfort on your skin

The perfect gift for any girl or boy who needs some extra love in her life. The double dinosaur barcelet is the perfect accessory to show your bff how much you care. All of our bracelets are made with a durable parachute cord that will never break, and are waterproof! You can wear it anywhere you go and know that this bracelet will always stay with you.

This small T rex in black and white features a rope bracelet that can be tied together with your best friend, making it the perfect gift! This is a small attention that will make you lifelong friends with another dinosaur fan!

With a totally different style but with just as much beauty and realism, we offer the adventurer passionate about prehistory a reptile bracelet!  We carry a range of dinosaur bracelets that are inspired by the majestic, cold-blooded reptiles that once inhabited the earth. Our dinosaur jewelry selection will have you looking fierce as hell!


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Dinosaur Bracelet Pattern
Double Dinosaur Bracelet Pattern