Dinosaur Rubber Bracelets


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Your child imagines being a paleontologist who knows all the names of all the dinosaurs on his fingertips? Make him happy with this set of 6 dinosaur rubber bracelets!

  • The Mezosoic era and dinosaurs inspired the design of this¬†beautiful accessory
  • Set of 6 dinosaur rubber bracelets
  • Made of plastic that is waterproof
  • Fits wrists of all sizes
  • Durable and fashionable
  • Perfect for a dinosaur themed birthday

For the budding paleontologist in your life, Dinosaur rubber bracelets are a great way to keep track of what he needs to find next! With six dinosaurs in a pack, the young explorer will be able to keep track of his progress more easily with these awesome rubber bracelets. Bright colors and fun designs will delight any child and make them feel proud of their accomplishment.

Fill your child’s heart with happiness with this exciting assortment of bracelets featuring all the most famous dinosaurs from the Jurassic period like the Stegosaurus, the T Rex, and even the Spinosaurus!

Our impressively realistic dinosaur tooth bracelet is also perfect for children who like fossils and dinosaur bones. Based on the majestic cold-blooded reptiles that once roamed the Earth, we created a collection of dinosaur bracelets. Make an impression for sure when you wear an item from our dinosaur jewelry collection.


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Dinosaur Rubber Bracelet
Dinosaur Rubber Bracelets

Out of stock