Dinosaur Room Clock


Pay tribute to the gigantic creatures that lived on Pangea, the super continent, with our fun and unique dinosaur room clock design! A beautiful piece of decoration for dino lovers!

  • Decorative piece featuring dinosaurs
  • A great addition to any home
  • Battery operated
  • A wall clock that is quiet and durable
  • High quality silk-screen design

If you’re looking for a unique room clock that’s as fun as it is functional, you’ve come to the right place! Our prehistoric timepiece is perfect for Jurassic Park fans or dinosaur enthusiasts, who want a unique piece of decor for their walls.

Celebrate the Jurassic era with this amazing dino clock! Our unique design is sure to bring your walls to life. The vivid colors of our timepiece design will teach your children about long ago life. This environmentally friendly product is perfect for decorating your room and learning about the past.

Your little princess’ room will be totally transformed and beautified with our pink dinosaur clock! Step back in time with the dinosaur clocks collection to an era when reptiles and animals ruled the earth. You can display your fascination for prehistoric animals by purchasing dinosaur accessories from our shop.


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Dinosaur Room Clock
Dinosaur Room Clock