Dinosaur Wall Clock


With its roaring spinosaurus on its dial, our dinosaur wall clock will transform any room of lizards and natural history enthusiasts into a haven of beauty and comfort.

  • Decorative piece featuring dinosaurs
  • A great addition to any home
  • Battery operated
  • A wall clock that is quiet and durable
  • High quality silk-screen design

From bustling business district to remote mountaintop, what your office needs to make it feel like home are a few choice accessories. Whether you’re into natural history or not, there’s something for everyone. Why not take the opportunity to show off your dinosaur expertise? Our spinning dial features a spinosaurus in motion, with a distinctive roar to keep track of the time. It’s sure to fit right in with your dino theme room. With every turn of the hands, your wall becomes alive with the sounds of prehistoric reptiles that once walked on this earth.

Discover also our sumptuous model of dinosaur wall clock for children decorated with creatures of the Cretaceous. If you choose one of our dinosaur clocks, you’ll simply be transported back in time to that great era of cold-blooded primitive reptiles! At our store, we have a large collection of unique dinosaur accessories, so you can express your passion for prehistoric fauna however you wish.


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Dinosaur Wall Clock
Dinosaur Wall Clock