Funny Dinosaur Clock

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We have a funny dinosaur clock that will add a touch of fun to your office or home. Whether or not you are a fan of ancient world reptile specimens, its cute clock design is sure to bring a smile to your face! Is it possible not to smile when you see this T Rex playing an electric guitar with its beautiful hat? Impossible for sure!

  • A superb dinosaur-themed decorative object
  • You’ll be proud to have in your home for sure
  • Battery operated
  • Quiet and high quality clock

A funny dinosaur ticker

Remember the majestic Mezosoic dinosaurs who roamed the Earth before going extinct a few million years ago. With this funny dinosaur clock, you can create a ferocious and wild style of decoration into your house or your bedroom!

Take a look at our Jurassic Clock if you’re a lover of dinosaurs and looking for a sumptuous decorative item with a realistic design! You can decorate your home or office with an item coming from our dinosaur clock collection while keeping time with something unique and funny inspired by the primitive world of the Cretaceous Period. Discover our unique and original collection of dinosaur accessories by visiting our website.

2 reviews for Funny Dinosaur Clock

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    I’ ve put this funny dinosaur clock in my office at work, my colleagues love it 🙂

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    This funny T rex clock is really cool to anyone loving dinosaurs

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Funny Dinosaur Clock
Funny Dinosaur Clock