Stegosaurus Dinosaur Clock


This Stegosaurus dinosaur clock pays homage to this magnificent primitive lizard that ate plants and had plates covering its body. This amazing force of nature will surely be a hit with your child!

  • Decorative piece featuring dinosaurs
  • A great addition to any home
  • Battery operated
  • A wall clock that is quiet and durable
  • High quality silk-screen design

This is no clock. This is a beautiful stegosaurus on clock with all its friends like the Diplodocus and the fearsome T Rex. Your kids will love this magnificent, prehistoric creature that they can play with even while it serves as their bedside clock. Watch them learn about dinosaurs, tell time, and sleep soundly at night with this invaluable gift that will last a lifetime.

Let your kids know when it’s time for bed, or to get up. Teach them about this amazing creature that roamed the earth 65 million years ago.

We also offer a beautiful alarm that is made for the little adventurer, it’s our T Rex Alarm Clock! With the dinosaur clocks, you can travel back to a time when animals and reptiles ruled the earth. All our dinosaur accessories let you display your fascination with prehistoric animals.


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Stegosaurus Dinosaur Clock
Stegosaurus Dinosaur Clock