T Rex Clock


We have a terrific T Rex clock for you to decorate your home with. Any fan of the Cretaceous predator must have this beautiful decorative item representing a rabid tyrannosaurus! If you love dinosaurs, this is a great gift idea for someone you care about or for yourself!

  • A sublime decorative object in the theme of dinosaurs
  • This beautiful dinosaur clock will enhance your home
  • Works with batteries
  • A high quality silent clock
  • High definition serigraphy

A T Rex timer

Honor the majestic Mezosoic dinosaur that walked our earth several million years ago before becoming extinct. You can use this T Rex clock to achieve completely wild and ferocious decoration style! Guests are sure to be astonished by it and you’ll become an expert in prehistoric fauna to their eyes!

The best way to teach your child about dinosaurs is with our dinosaur learning clock, which allows you to memorize the names of all the most famous specimens. Find out more about our entire collection of dinosaur clocks for a wild style of decoration and for being able to tell time in a totally funny way based on the world of the ancestors of the current animals of our planet. Our dinosaur accessories collection is one of the most original and unique in the world, check it out!


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T Rex Clock
T Rex Clock