Roar Dinosaur Curtains



Make the Tyrannosaurs rex roar from the Jurassic era into your bedroom with our roar dinosaur curtains. Its super realistic 3D digital print design will impress everybody!

  • Blackout dinosaur drapery: reduces brightness by 50-60%.
  • Grommet finish: ease of installation and use
  • High resolution printing: crisp, realistic patterns
  • Polyester fabric: wrinkle-free and insulating
  • An ideal decoration for a dinosaur fan
  • Your product is carefully packed before shipping

Roar dinosaur drapes

Fans of natural history all over the world will appreciate these dinosaur room curtains. These curtains includes a Tyrannosaurus Rex with long fangs and short hind legs an armored triceratops with three horns, which are both dinosaurs that dominated the world at one time. Two quadrupedal and bipedal dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period are prsent on this decorative element. The light weight fabric of these curtains blocks the sun’s harmful rays and is also easy to clean. A great decorative element that you will love because of its unique design and material!

Our dinosaur curtains for nursery are fantastic if you want to decorate your nursery in a natural history museum style. In our online store, you will find a diverse selection of dinosaur curtains you can use to decorate your house according to your desired style and your love for the Paleogene era and its gigantic mammals. In addition to these wonderful curtains, we have dinosaur decorations that will transform your home into a lizard’s den.


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Roar Dinosaur Curtains
Roar Dinosaur Curtains
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