Dinosaur Skeleton Dress



Show your passion for Jurassic fauna with our dinosaur skeleton dress decorated with Tyrannosaurus Rex skulls and Diplodocus fossils.

  • Elegant dinosaur dress
  • Made with 100% premium polyester
  • Breathes well in the summer
  • With gorgeous dinosaur patterns
  • A stylish and sophisticated piece
  • Easily washable with a machine

A dinosaur skeleton robe

Our dinosaur skeleton dress is a sophisticated piece of summer apparel inspired by the Paleogene period. We wanted to make sure this dress could breathe well, so it has been made with a lightweight, polyester fabric. Simply stunning!

Our dinosaur skeleton dress is the perfect combination of chic and prehistoric. A “well-breathed” dress that is perfect for any summer gathering. With a T-Rex skull complete and a Diplodocus skeleton, this is sure to be a conversation starter among friends and family. By wearing this garment you are sure to be noticed! The dark navy blue color contrasts with the white dinosaur bones on top, creating a clever and harmonious mix of colors to make you stand out.

Expand your little princess’ wardrobe with our girls dinosaur dress. We offer a variety of unique dinosaur dresses on our website that will make you stand out this season. Dinosaur clothes allow you to flaunt your love of natural history while standing out from the crowd.


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Dinosaur Skeleton Dress
Dinosaur Skeleton Dress
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