Plesiosaur Earrings


Plesiosaur Earrings
Plesiosaur Earrings



What could be more impressive than a marine dinosaur chasing its prey? When you choose our Plesiosaur earrings, you choose to wear original and beautiful jewelry that is made from 18K copper which will make you shine in everyone’s eyes!

  • These earrings are 18K copper plated and stay shiny for a long time
  • Without causing irritation to the skin
  • Beautiful design
  • With high-quality zircon stones

A plesiosaur jewel

Dinosaurs from the Triassic Period are represented by these beautiful earrings. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love who is passionate about marine predators from before the mass extinction of 66 million years ago. The personalized gift you have been searching for is right in front of you! Jewellery made from 18K copper and zircon stones sparkles, looks fancy, and is extremely durable.

Whether you’re looking for an original or completely insane look, we’ve got the perfect earrings for you with our clip on dinosaur earrings that will sublimate you! Dinosaur earrings are created for customers who are passionate about natural history, museums and, today, wear jewellery that represents the giant reptiles that lived  million years ago before the devastating volcanic explosions . The dinosaur jewelry collections we offer are based on these primitive cretaures from the Mesozoic era.

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