Pterodactyl Earrings


Are you looking for a discreet and primitive look? These 925 silver pterodactyl earrings depict one of the most famous flying dinosaurs of the entire Jurassic period, which ended more than 66 million years ago. A real little jewel of excellence that will take care of its wearer.

  • Solid silver: sterling 925
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • A discreet and refined jewel

A pterodactyl jewel

No matter which accessories you pair them with, you will look great with these pterodactyl earrings. Your unique style will be enhanced by these earrings featuring prehistoric lizards. Sterling silver jewelry shines, looks beautiful, and is remarkably long lasting.

The pterodactyl are known by all the dinos fan, they likely consumed a number of invertebrates and vertebrates as it was a generalist carnivore. All pterosaurs possessed wings formed by a muscular and skin membrane that extended from their hindlimbs to their elongated fourth fingers.

Add these silver dinosaur earrings to your jewelry box because they are a must-have fashion accessory. These earrings are made of noble materials and are true weapons of seduction!

Our dinosaur earrings are created for our customers who love museums, fossils and wear jewellery that is reminiscent of the famous and gigantic predators from before the mass exctinction. We design all of our dinosaur jewelry collections after mammals ancestors from the Cretaceous period.


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Pterodactyl Earrings
Pterodactyl Earrings