Spinosaurus Earrings


The most ferocious half marine and half terrestrial crested dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period also has its own jewelry. Check out these 18K copper spinosaurus earrings encrusted with zircon that will please any fan of prehistoric predators!

  • 18K copper plated earrings, durable and stays shiny
  • No form of discomfort on the skin
  • Careful & precise details
  • Inlaid zircon stone of high quality
  • Spinosaurus shaped jewelry

A unique Spinosaurus jewel

You will look fabulous wearing these spinosaurus earrings at any event. Dinosaurs will be a part of your original and primitive style, whether you wear them to a party with friends or all the time. The jewelry created from 18K copper and zircon stones is sparkling, fancy, and surprisingly durable.

Additionally, you can find on our online store magnificent dinosaur stud earrings with the shape of a magnificent T-rex carved in materials of high quality to provide our customers who are fans of dinosaurs earrings with complete satisfaction.

66 million years ago, these wonderful specimens of animal once roamed our planet. The dinosaur jewelry we create today is meant to meet the needs of our customers who love natural history and 66 million years later, enjoy wearing jewellery in their shape. Our entire dinosaur jewelry collections are modeled after these fearsome reptiles of the Triassic period.


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Spinosaurus Earrings
Spinosaurus Earrings