T Rex Gauges



You won’t go unnoticed with these T rex gauges! Wearing this jewelry featuring the world’s most famous fearsome dinosaur will add a bold style to any outfit!

  • T Rex Gauges made of silver stainless steel that do not tarnish
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ear jewellery with fine details
  • Add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit
  • Available in many sizes

A jewel depicting the effigy of the big apex predator.

Need an original and rock jewel to bring a rebel style to your look? Then you are at the right place! Discover this terrifying dinosaur spacer piercing in the shape of Tyrannosaurus Rex in silver stainless steel!

You will never meet someone with the same jewel as you, it is totally unique and will be part of your 100% Jurassic look!

For those of you looking for a change of jewelry style but still like the dinosaur theme, we invite you to check out our T Rex dinosaur earrings. They have a different style than our gauges but are equally beautiful! Our collection of dinosaur earrings offers more choices for beautiful jewelry for your face and ears. We offer a wide range of dinosaur jewelry to complete your look and display your admiration for these ancient predators.


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T Rex Gauges
T Rex Gauges
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