Brachiosaurus Lamp


16 colors - remote7 colors - touch lamp

There are few dinosaurs that have had such an indelible impression on mankind as the Brachiosaurus. Our Brachiosaurus lamp is a perfect reproduction of this sumptuous long-necked dinosaur that could reach the size of a two-story building to eat the highest plants! With its 7 to 16 colors of atmosphere, this light will be integrated wonderfully in your bedroom decoration.

✔ 3D LED Lamp.
✔ Dinosaur lamp ideal for decorating.
✔ Ultra high definition laser engraving.
✔ Color change: from 7 to 16 colors.
✔ Dimensions: 20 x 16 cm – 8 x 6.3 in
✔ Operation: USB or 3 AAA batteries.
✔ Lifetime: 50,000 hours.
✔ CE certification.

A brachiosaurus light

Brachiosaurus is often portrayed in Hollywood movies as a friendly herbivorous dinosaur. This was not quite the case. Its immense size made it a real threat to predators trying to attack it. However, it is also known for its tiny brain the size of a walnut.
Its completely disproportionate anatomy makes it a superb lamp that will illuminate your room with its 16 colors!
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Brachiosaurus Lamp
Brachiosaurus Lamp
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