Dinosaur Desk Lamp



Our dinosaur led lamp will provide the perfect amount of light for your child to do their homework while concentrating to the max. Its shape is a nod to the anatomy of a diplodocus with a long neck, small head and a massive body!

  • A 3 dimensional desk lamp
  • The right light for your child’s eyes
  • Easy operation on USB battery
  • Size: 48 in x 31 in – 125cm x 80cm
  • Anti-shock lamp in silicone
  • 3 different lighting powers

A light for your desk as original as it is cute.

Doing homework is sometimes a difficult time for our little school children. With our dinosaur desk lamp we make it easy for our children by offering them an object that maximizes their concentration by emitting a soft light that is not distracting. Its original shape and ergonomics also make it a great decorative element in the room of a little Cretaceous fauna enthusiast!

Give your room a prehistoric and original look with this four-legged lamp!

A Led T Rex Lamp might also be of interest to you since it creates a paleogene atmosphere at night. Two lamps that look like they come straight from a natural history museum are part of our dinosaur lamp collection. Take a look at all our dinosaur decorations now if you are looking for a ferocious decoration.


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Dinosaur Desk Lamp
Dinosaur Desk Lamp
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