Dinosaur Egg Lamp

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Are you a dinosaur fan? If so, this dinosaur egg lamp is the one for you. Once turned on, this huge dinosaur egg gives off a warm light straight from the Jurassic era that will illuminate your room with a warm and scary aura! What’s hiding behind this shell?

  • A beautiful 3d LED lamp
  • Produces a pleasant light for the eyes
  • 3 different lighting colors
  • Small: 4in -10cm
  • Medium: 6in – 15cm
  • large: 8in – 20cm

A light representing a ferocious dinosaur egg.

An egg of such size can only hide a fearsome lizard specimen! A fearsome reptile is ready to come to life! Place this lamp on your desk to brighten up your decor with a warm glow or a chilly white light. This dinosaur mood light is perfect for your reading corner or put it on your bedside table when you are in bed and ready to fall asleep with its pleasant wattage for the eyes. We are in trouble if this egg hatches and a baby Spinosaurus is born!

We also invite you to discover our dinosaur silicone lamp, it is perfect for a jurassic atmosphere when it is dark. They are both part of our range of dinosaur lamps that look like they were designed by a paleontologist himself. And if you want to go further for a decoration always more wild, discover now all our articles of dinosaur decorations.

2 reviews for Dinosaur Egg Lamp

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    A very realistic look

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    Very nice night light, my daughter who is afraid of the dark uses it in her room

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Dinosaur Egg Lamp
Dinosaur Egg Lamp
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