Pterodactyl Lamp


16 colors - remote7 colors - touch lamp

Our Pterodactyl Lamp will look great in the bedroom of a teenager or an adult fascinated by prehistoric creatures of the Paleogene. Choose from 16 or 7 colors to change the mood of your room in a fraction of a second.

✔ 3D LED Lamp.
✔ Dinosaur lamp ideal for decorating.
✔ Ultra high definition laser engraving.
✔ Color change: from 7 to 16 colors.
✔ Dimensions: 20 x 16 cm – 8 x 6.3 in
✔ Operation: USB or 3 AAA batteries.
✔ Lifetime: 50,000 hours.
✔ CE certification.

A Pterodactyl light to personalize your room

Multiple fossils of almost intact pterodactyl have been discovered all over the world by paleontologists, which confirms the hypothesis that this flying dinosaur was indeed a real master of the sky in the Jurassic era. Our lamp pays tribute to this fascinating creature that could fly and hunt at speeds totally out of the ordinary.
Bring the most famous flying dinosaur of the Cretaceous period to float into your room and diffuse its ambient light.
Our color changing dinosaur lamp will delight all giant reptile enthusiasts with its suchominus design! In our dinosaur lamp collection you will find all the most beautiful specimens of predatory and herbivorous reptiles that populated our planet before the mass extinction that occurred across our planet. For even more Mesozoic home decor choices, we invite you to explore our dinosaur decorations collection.


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Pterodactyl Lamp
Pterodactyl Lamp
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