Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank


Dinosaurs are the most ferocious creatures that walked our planet 66 million years ago. If your child is a fan of this era and you are looking to teach them a fun way to save money, gift them our green dinosaur piggy bank.

✔ Dinosaur money box.
✔ Material: ceramic.
✔ Dimensions: 22 x 15 cm – 8.6 x 5.9 in
✔ Coin collecting stopper.
✔ Ideal for saving pocket money.

A green dinosaur moneybox

There is no doubt that all humans on the planet are amazed and fascinated by the giant Mesozoic dinosaurs. They are regularly featured in many movies and cartoons such as Jurassik Park for example. Our piggy bank surfs on this craze by offering the possibility to children from all over the world to express their enthusiasm while saving their pocket money. Adopt this dinosaur money box you will not be disappointed!

If your child knows all the dinosaur species at their fingertips, including one of the fastest on the planet, they will love our ultra-realistic raptors piggy bank!

If your child enjoys the ferocious reptiles from the Cretaceous era, a dinosaur piggy bank will fit in perfectly with a child’s bedroom. Discover the ancestors creatures that lived on Earth in the prehistoric period before mass extinction and their volcanic eruptions by choosing from our dinosaur accessories collection.


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Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank
Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank