Parasaurolophus Piggy Bank


Among the many cold-blooded dinosaurs that have walked our planet, some were fierce and merciless with their victims, but others had a much more tender aspect. Our Parasaurolophus piggy bank is indeed a work of art of beauty and elegance that you can offer to your child to teach him to manage his money.

✔ Dinosaur money box.
✔ Material: resin.
✔ Hand-painted.
✔ Dimensions: 39 x 20 cm – 15.3 x 7.8 in
✔ Piece recovery cap.
✔ Ideal for saving pocket money.

A parasaurolophus moneybox

how not to recognize the parasaurolophus with its horn at the back of the skull that make it one of the cutest herbivorous dinosaurs that ever existed. Paleontologists have not yet found an explanation for this particularity but we already know that it made this dinosaur cute and that’s the main point! With this piggy bank your child’s room will simply be sublimated!
If you like this design then you will simply melt with envy in front of our cute piggy bank cartoon egg that produces light! Dinosaur piggy banks created by dinosaur enthusiasts bring us back to a time when powerful mammals beings ruled the planet. We offer a wide selection of dinosaur accessories for you to choose from as a prehistoric animal lover!


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Parasaurolophus Piggy Bank
Parasaurolophus Piggy Bank