Triceratops Piggy Bank

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Children fascinated by Cretaceous reptiles will love putting their first savings into the triceratops dinosaur piggy bank with its ultra realistic finish. A gift as impressive as the giant reptiles that walked our planet millions of years ago! A great decorative item for a child’s room with a passion for natural history.

✔ Money box in the shape of a dinosaur

✔ Material: ceramic

✔ Dimensions: 28x11cm – 11×4.3in

✔ Reusable model with a coin collecting stopper

✔ The perfect way to save pocket money

✔ You won’t find it in stores

A Triceratops moneybox

Looking for a fun and unique way to teach your little ones about the joys of saving money? Look no further than the Triceratops Piggy Bank! This adorable piggy bank is designed to look just like a real life Triceratops dinosaur, complete with ultra realistic finish. Children will love putting their first savings into this cute little piggy bank, and you’ll love the fact that it’s a great decorative item for their room. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to the fascinating world of natural history!

Our wooden dinosaur piggy bank is an ideal money box for teaching your child how to save up his first coin whilst adding a touch of rusticity to his room inspired by prehistoric lizards! We have created a variety of dinosaur piggy banks inspired by times when giant and ferocious reptiles roamed the earth more than 66 million years ago. We have dinosaur accessories that would make a great gift for kids who love fearsome dinos that once roamed the Earth before a large meteorite and volcanic eruptions caused them to go extinct.

2 reviews for Triceratops Piggy Bank

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    I Have bought this Triceratops piggy bank to my daughter who is dinosaur fan last month, she is already saving money with it!

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    Really cool piggy bank with its Triceratops design!

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Triceratops Piggy Bank
Triceratops Piggy Bank