Brachiosaurus Plush



This beautiful Brachiosaurus plush stuffed with absorbent cotton is as soft as it is cute.

  • A super soft plush
  • Perfect for educating your child about extinct wildlife
  • The Dinosaur Universe team controls the quality of the finishes and the size chosen
  • Small: 29in – 72cm
  • Medium: 42in – 105cm
  • Large: 56in – 140cm

A giant Brachiosaurus soft plush

Looking for something big and cuddly? Check out our brachiosaurus plush! This huge hunk of a toy is sure to make a splash with anyone who loves prehistoric animals. Standing at an impressive two feet tall, this soft toy is as unique as it is cuddly. It’s perfect for cuddling up with on a cold winter’s night, or for playing pretend dinosaurs with your kids. Made from absorbent cotton, this plush toy is super soft and huggable. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational gift, or just a new cuddly friend, this plush representing one of the most famous long-necked dinosaur is perfect for you!

Dive into the heart of the prehistoric jungle with this animal as tall as a modern building! Its atypical anatomy leaves no one indifferent!

This dinosaur as well known as easy to recognize is present in many films and cartoons. Its impressive body size is certainly a factor! Its neck allowed this magnificent herbivore to catch with its mouth all the plants whatever their height! You will love this plush that will accompany your bedroom decoration!

On dinosaur universe, we also propose you dinosaurs a little less famous but just as impressive like our spinosaurus plush, one of our numerous dinosaur plush.


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Giant Diplodocus Soft toy
Brachiosaurus Plush
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