Dinosaur Area Rug



Our dinosaur area rug will add a touch of Mesozoic to your interior design. It’s a beautiful mat that will allow your children to play comfortably!

  • A Jurassic scene reproduced to perfection
  • Impressive quality of detail
  • Small: 36 x 59 in – 80 x 120 cm
  • Medium: 48 x 71 in – 120x160cm
  • Large: 59 x 87 in -140 x 200cm
  • A soft and easily washable dinosaur carpet
  • High Quality Printing : Digital 3D Design
  • Material : Polyester fiber – Anti-slip

A dinosaur area carpet

Looking for something a little different for your flooring? Our dinosaur area rug is perfect for adding a touch of the Cretaceous to your home décor. This beautiful Rug is crafted from soft, easily washable materials, making it ideal for kids’ rooms or play areas. Plus, its cute dinosaur design is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you see it. Order yours today and give your home a fun prehistoric vibe.

With this unique carpet, you can create a play area that’s truly personalized for your child. Its bright colors and funny dinosaur designs will charm your children. They will be able to have fun with their friends in a space that is just for them, allowing them to use their imaginations and imagine themselves 66 million years ago in a world filled with gigantic reptiles.

This carpet has been carefully designed with high-quality materials that will ensure it lasts over time and is suitable for children. In fact, it is very easily washable, so if it gets stained one day, no problem, you can wash it in the washing machine. The anti-slip material prevents your children from slipping or hurting themselves by sliding.

If you want to discover our new model with a unique design visit our dinosaur footprint rug. There is a vast selection of dinosaur rugs in our online store, so fans of these enormous creatures of the Paleogene can decorate their homes appropriately. We have a huge selection of dinosaur decorations that will make you fall in love with the Jurassic era.


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Dinosaur Area Rug
Dinosaur Area Rug
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