Dinosaur Shaped Rug


With this dinosaur shaped rug, your child will be able to imagine the jungles of the Jurassic period. Watch out for the reptiles that live there!

  • A cute Jurassic dinosaur design
  • Impressive quality of detail
  • Size: 125 x 90 cm – 50 x 35 in
  • A soft and easily washable dinosaur carpet
  • High Quality Printing : Digital 3D Design
  • Material : Polyester fiber – Anti-slip

A dinosaur shaped carpet

Introducing the Dinosaur Shaped Rug – perfect for adding a touch of prehistoric fun to any room!
This vibrant rug is bursting with character, featuring a realistic dinosaur design that is sure to impress. The intricate detailing and vibrant colours are sure to bring the Jurassic period alive in your child’s imagination.
The soft and durable material is perfect for little ones to play on, providing a comfortable surface for them to explore their creativity. Watch out for the reptiles that live there!
With its tongue-tickling T rex shape, your child will love this gift and become a true natural history expert. Perhaps they’ll become paleontologists someday!
If you like mats with a more ordinary shape but with an equally beautiful design, we invite you to discover our round dinosaur rug. There is a wide range of dinosaur rugs available in our online store, so all fans of the enormous creatures of the prehistory can adorn their homes accordingly. Browse through all of our dinosaur decorations and you will be left speechless.


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Dinosaur Shaped Rug
Dinosaur Shaped Rug