Large Dinosaur Rug



Our large dinosaur rug is an idyllic decoration item for your home. This Cretaceous inspired rug with its giant Tyrannosaurus rex roaring and ready to hunt shows the full strength of this theropod!

  • A Jurassic scene reproduced to perfection
  • Impressive quality of detail
  • Small: 36x59in – 90x150cm
  • Medium: 48x71in – 120x180cm
  • Large: 59x87in -150x220cm
  • A soft and easily washable dinosaur floor mat
  • High Quality Printing : Digital 3D Design
    Material : Polyester fiber – Anti-slip

A large dinosaur carpet

The Mesozoic and its diversity of reptile specimens is simply fascinating and full of dinosaurs with unusual organisms. Express your interest in this amazing era while fiercely decorating your home with this great rug with high quality digital printing!

No doubt that if you already like this model, then you will not be able to resist in front of our Stegosaurus rug which is also made in digital 3D printing and designed for natural history lovers. You can find our entire collection of dinosaur rug in our collection if you’re looking for a great decorative carpet in the colors of your passion for Triassic reptiles living on the super continent. Explore our dinosaur decorations for beautiful pieces inspired by this fascinating prehistoric era to personalize your home.


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Large Dinosaur Rug
Large Dinosaur Rug
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