Velociraptor Rug



How not to be impressed in front of our velociraptor rug displaying the fastest and most ferocious dinosaur of the Jurassic being chased by its most fearsome enemy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • A Jurassic scene reproduced to perfection
  • Impressive quality of detail
  • Small: 36x59in – 90x150cm
  • Medium: 48x71in – 120x180cm
  • Large: 59x87in -150x220cm
  • A soft and easily washable dinosaur carpet
  • High Quality Printing : Digital 3D Design
  • Material : Polyester fiber – Anti-slip

A Velociraptor carpet

Have you ever wished you could have a dinosaur as a pet? Well, now you can with the Velociraptor Rug! This ferocious creature is sure to impress your friends and family, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs (or just wants to make their living room a little more interesting).
The Velociraptor Rug is made of high-quality materials, so it’s sure to last for years. Plus, it’s designed to look just like a real Velociraptor, complete with realistic design details. So if you’ve ever wanted to own your very own dinosaur, this is the perfect item for you.

The velociraptor, more commonly known as the raptor, was the most fearsome dinosaur of the Jurassic Period and thrived on all continents for a long time. Theropods with super-powerful skulls and jaws are known for their insatiable appetites and instinct to hunt in groups.

To take your cold-blooded reptile-inspired decor even further, we also offer a prehistoric dinosaur rug in a similar style. Browse our entire collection of dinosaur rugs if you are looking for a great decorative carpet to match your interest in the vertebrates reptiles that lived on the supercontinent. You can incorporate beautiful dinosaur decorations into your home based on the fascinating era of extinct animals.


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Velociraptor Rug
Velociraptor Rug
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